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The due date filling the ITR for FY 2023-24 is currently 31st July 2024. (For individuals & huf)
After this, the taxpayers will be liable for a penalty ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. This fine has to be paid even if the tax liability is nil.

Services we provide

Tax Planning

Tax planning is the legal and difficult process of organizing your affairs to reduce your tax liability. The Indian tax system is complex and subject to constant change.

GST Solution

GST compliance can be a challenging administrative process due to constantly changing legislation and the GST department's increasing demands. We can ensure that you follow the rules by providing assistance.

Outsourced Accounting

By delegating critical accounting and compliance obligations to us, management teams can concentrate on their areas of business expertise.

Business Growth & Planning

Entrepreneurs that are considering expanding their firm are ready to do so because their first business plan has shown to be successful.

Trade Mark Registration

It provides identifies the source of your goods or services, Legal protection for your brand & Helps you guard against counterfeiting and fraud.

How it Works


ITR Bronze

Salary Income
499 Excl GST.
  • Salary (Single employer)
  • Bank Interest
  • Other Income
  • Live Tax Support


GST Registration
499 Excl GST.
  • GST Registration
  • For Registration business
  • For more details

ITR Silver

Salary with House Rent Income
999 Excl GST.
  • Salary (Multiple employer)
  • House Rent Income
  • Agriculture Income
  • Live Tax Support


GST Return Filling
799 Excl GST.
  • Gst Return filling Monthly
  • Hassle free filling
  • For more details

ITR Gold

Capital Gains Income
1599 Excl GST.
  • Salary (Multiple employer)
  • Agriculture Income
  • Business Income/Capital Gains
  • Live Tax Support

Trade Mark

6499 Excl GST.
  • Govt Registration Fee ₹4500
  • Professional Fee ₹1999
  • For more details

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